Monday, January 12, 2009

I Refuse!

I refuse to give a name to this person who is ruining my quest to get the ignorancist out of me. I refuse to give her/him a name because the more we rant and rave and give this fool--I mean person x--airtime the more money he/she will make off of his/her ridiculous book. If you don't know who I'm talking about--good. If you do know who I'm talking about, you're probably as annoyed as I am, and you won't give this person a dime or your time. Person X decided to criticize famous bi-racial people such as Barack Obama (B. Hussein Obama, as Person X refers to him), Halle Berry, and Alicia Keys for referring to themselves as black and in turn discounting the white mothers who raised them and honoring the black fathers who left them.

Shaking my head.....Where exactly do I begin? It's funny you mention the white mothers because just like it's not their fault that their ancestors created the social construct called racism which divided the human race into different groups and colors, it's not the bi-racial children's fault for society forcing them to check the "black" box because of the color of their skin. In case you forgot, light skinned black people used to "pass" for white just so they could be treated equally. How do you think a bi-racial child with brown skin would be treated if he/she claimed to be white? Scratch that. How would you be treated, Person X, if you claimed to be black? So before you criticize someone for making a "choice" that they really have no control over, take your shoes off and try on someone else's size. Oh that's can't do that because your feet are so darn BIG! How about closing your mouth and opening your mind?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Mixed-Race Twins

This is maybe the third story I've seen like this in the past year. Apparently it is unusual for twins of mixed-race parents to come out favoring one race more than the other. Even though this seems to be medically true, I'm not sure why this is so shocking to people. Black children come in various shades and their shades don't always resemble that of their parents. Regardless of that, I feel sorry for these children because already at a young age people are putting way too much emphasis on the color of their skin. I mean it was "priceless" when the father said, "I'm still in just love 'em the same." Um, gee thanks Dad. Because for a second there I thought you were going to treat the "white children" white and the "black children" black. I hope that someone in these children's lives has enough sense to treat them and teach them as equals. If society won't do it, the parents should at least make an attempt.