Sunday, June 22, 2008

Are You Registered To Vote???

Are you registered to vote? My answer to this question is an overwhelming “I don’t know.” I recently relocated to Georgia, and for some reason, for the first time in my life, I am nervous about my voter registration. I admit that I’ve been procrastinating on getting my Georgia driver’s license—you know, avoiding that dreaded trip to the DMV. As I was watching the news last week, I heard them say that the deadline to register is June 16th. Needless to say I was now being forced to make that awful anticipated trip to the DMV.

The next morning I got all of my paperwork together and prayed before I drove down the road of uncertainty. I got to the DMV forty-five minutes before it opened and waited outside with the rest of the early risers. When the doors opened, I was fourth in line and thought that I just might be able to get out of there in under an hour. As I was called to the counter, I began to feel more confident, but wait … just then a monotone voice (similar to the woman’s voice at the DMV in the movie License to Drive) rang out and said, “Marriage certificate.” Doh! Just when I thought I was in the clear!

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