Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Foodie Friday: The Cookie Campaign #2

I know this is late, but I've been traveling. Better late than never though. You may remember my Foodie Friday post from a couple of weeks ago when I discussed the not-so-political Cookie Campaign. Here is the conversation that took place between our Aunt Shelly and my niece Kennedy revealing the results of the campaign:

Aunt Shelly: So Kennedy, how did the cookie campaign go?
Kennedy: Not so good. Everyone wanted chocolate chip. I really wanted the sugar cookie. I made the decision to vote for Barack Obama, but I still like sugar cookies.
Aunt Shelly: It's okay to vote for Barack Obama and still like the sugar cookie.
Kennedy: Okay.

I am still amazed out how much this Cookie Campaign parallels this year's election.  I absolutely love the way Aunt Shelly responded to Kennedy's predicament.  It's a message that needs to definitely be shared with all of the republicans, especially those who were torn about voting democrat in this election.  

Our minds are now at ease because we now realize that we may have been looking a little too deep into the racial implications behind the cookie campaign. We now understand that it was really all about the cookie for Kennedy. Yes, she made connections between the candidates and the cookies, but her original choice to vote for John McCain was all about the cookie.  She really was voting based on the "content" of the cookie.  She later changed her vote to Barack Obama because she felt like she was the only one voting for McCain--something that many voters may have done for either candidate once they were alone in the voting booth.  

I almost felt sorry for the little republican, but I was definitely pleased with her decision to jump parties.  Another indication that it was all about the cookie is that whenever she sees Barack Obama she gets excited. However, she only showed enthusiasm for John McCain when the sugar cookie was directly involved.  I think she has at least earned a sugar cookie in her struggle to choose the right candidate, so now that I'm back home, I think I'll buy her one.


Christie-A Work In Progress said...

Great job as usual. Love how you called him "the little republican"