Sunday, November 9, 2008

November is American Indian Heritage Month

It truly amazes me that in this overly politically correct country that we (the country) continue to devalue, dehumanize, and objectify the people who first inhabited the place. I long for the day when there are no more teams bearing mascot names such as Redskins, Indians, Chiefs, or Seminoles. Mascots are typically animals or things, not people! How is this still acceptable in our country? What would happen if a team decided to make their mascot the Caucasian, the Negro, the Homosexual, the Jew, the Italian, or the Republican? We would be outraged. The media would be all over it, and the owner of the team would probably never see another day in sports. So why is it that we do not have the same amount of respect for Native Americans in our country as we do for other groups of people? What are your thoughts?


American Indian Advocate said...

Yep, we are always behind most of the other developed countries when it comes to dealing with diversity and respecting other cultures. Hopefully that will start to change with our new President-Elect.

michelle h. said...

I,agree that these names should be changed. However, I guess unless there is a huge uproar from the Native American/Indian community nothing will change.